Alumnia is a Financial Technology company focusing on equity crowdfunding or peer-to-peer business investing. It serves as online system platform to match investors and investees of their choice to get mutual commercial benefits.
Investees register their companies, projects, and assets to get public fund in exchange of shared ownership or rights of use ( usufruct). Investors register to pick up listed projects to fund and expect returns on their investments.
In accordance to syaria principles, generated profits would be shared proportionally. As nothing is risk free, mitigation plan would be put in place to avoid and deal with possible losses in each investment.
The unique competitive advantages that Alumnia bring about are the use and support of Blockchain Technology, Cluster of Alumni Network, Sustainable Development Goals, and ALU Unit of Measure.

Who is our team?

Here is the professionals team behind the scenes at Alumnia, ready to connect you as a capital owner or project owner in building a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Muhaimin Iqbal

Initiatior, Founder, and Chairman of Indonesia Startup Center - supervising multi division organization in agribusiness, agroforestry, bio- technology, biomass energy, IT, property, Biosphere Project and social enterprises. Alumni from IPB, studied in UK, New Zealand and wrote 17 books.

CEO / Co-Founder

Agus Wicaksono

Wide access to IT industry and businesses, previously General Manager IT for Chevron IndoAsia; Chairman iCIO (2016-2018), the Most Innovative CIO 2015; run IT business and travel firms in the past. Alumni from IPB, have worked-studied in Singapore, Japan, and USA.

CFO / Co-Founder

Mardina T.

Solid experience in banking, finance & risk management, The Eastern Investment (EVP Lending Biz), Mandiri (Head of Commercial Banking Center), Bank Ekspor Impor Indonesia (banking analyst), J Trust (SVP of Regional Manager and Corporate Banking). Alumni from Gadjah Mada University.

CMO / Co-Founder

Ary Prasetyo

Experienced Managing Director, good track records in EO and services industry. Skilled in negotitaion and people relations with wide access to markets. Alumni from ITB, focus on architectural design and enginering.

Membership Director / Co-Founder

Ade Erlangga

Wide access to and experiences in government sectors – Head of Education and Culture, Bengkulu Province, Director of International Information Services Kominfo, expert staff DPR & DKI. Alumni from Indonesia University.

CBDO / Co-Founder

Hamka Fauzan

CEO of Natural Resources Indonesia, a lab & farmingbusiness. Involved in Olive industry, Practiced in software developer & e-commerce, after heading R&D on ceramic material at PT KIA. Alumni from Gadjah Mada University.

CTO / Co-Founder

Achmad Jafar Al Kadafi

CTO at Littly Fintech, and manage web development, programming in Ethereum at Indonesia Startup Center. Expereinece in mobile apps., intelligent computing and visulaization. Alumni from Brawijaya University.

Investment is in ALU token, equivalent to 1 gram of Gold

Current exchange rate of 1 ALU







Blockchain Technology

Alumnia runs on Ethereum platform, that records transactions in a more secured way reliably and provides transparency with high degree of system availability

Cluster of Alumni Network

Investing in projects managed within peers of Alumni increases confidence and reduces the risk of unknowns

Sustainable Development Goals

Alumnia would prioritize eco-friendly projects with high socio-economic impacts that support UN-set SDGs

ALU Unit of Measure

Tokenized assets and projects are measured in ALU equivalent to one gram of gold that maintain price stability and investment growth in real economic value