iGrowchain is a platform based on blockchain technology that connects farmers, investors, and buyers to build food resilience by utilizing their respective advantages. Now, investors from anywhere can start joining to improve food production with safe and transparent data.

Blockchain Technology

iGrowChain runs on Ethereum, that records transactions in a more secured way reliably and provides transparency with high degree of system availability.

Investment Variations

iGrowchain offers a variety of business models that are tailored to the type of business project to be funded, while still calculating the level of risk, time period and attractive benefits.

Sustainable Development Goals

iGrowchain would prioritize Global Food Security (from Seed to Feed) project with high socio-economics impacts that support UN-set SDGs.

IGU Unit of Measure

Tokenized assets and projects are measured in iGU equivalent to one gram of gold that maintain price stability and investment growth in real economic value.

How it work


Have farming skills

Has a farm

Doesn't have money


Have money

No farming skills

No farm


Requires stock

Have money

No farm


Why do you have to join ?

Profitable investment

Investors can benefit from profit sharing between 13-24% of investment per year.

Developing the Agriculture Industry

A growing agricultural industry can open many jobs and contribute global food security.

Green Environment

People feel the effects of reforestation and increased food production.

Global Food security

Investors participate in increasing world food production.

Lets join on our projects

Be a part of us and lets grow together

On progress

Konserta - Depok Juanda  Co-Working Space

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda, Depok, Jawa Barat

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Eco-Tech Portable Office 200

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda no. 43 Depok

Coming Soon
On progress

Jonggol Bamboe Village

Jonggol Farm Kp Rawa Gede - Desa Singajaya- Jonggol, Bogor

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